The Fetentaa Camp

Aerial view of Fetentaa Camp with semi-permanent shelters.  Photo credit: UNHCR/S. Adatsi

The Fetentaa Camp was established in June 2011. It is one of three camps hosting Ivorian refugees in Ghana. Asylum seekers from OseiKodjokrom and Kasap transit center were relocated to Fetentaa when the camp was opened. The movement of people from the two locations took effect on 19 June 2011.

At the end of the presidential elections in Cote D’ivoire which resulted in a stalemate leading to battles in Abidjan and other urban areas of that country, there was an influx of refugees into Bono Region, mid-west Ghana. The refugees were initially hosted by UNHCR in a transit camp at Kasap in the same region.

As with all camps in Ghana, the Fetentaa Camp is managed by the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) staff seconded to the Ghana Refugee Board.

The Camp is 1 kilometer away from the Fetentaa Township. Administratively, Fetentaa falls under the Berekum Municipality and it is found between the Berekum and Drobo townships.

(insert photos of Fetentaa clinic here. Caption: St. Alban’s Clinic built by UNHCR.  Photo credit: UNHCR/S. Adatsi)

The Camp has a community school and a health post as well as a police station built by the UNHCR which benefit the refugee community as well as the people of Krisan at large

(insert photos of Fetentaa teachers quarters and police quarters here. Caption: Fetentaa Teachers’ Quarters built by UNHCR.  Photo credit: UNHCR/S. Adatsi)

As a way of giving back to the community, a community library is being constructed by UNHCR for the people Fetentaa