Peruvian Andean Reciprocity: Social Cooperation Program with UNHCR

By Patience Folley | 28 June 2019
Peruvian Andean Reciprocity: Social Cooperation Program with UNHCR

The Embassy of Peru under the Peruvian Andean Reciprocity: Social Cooperation Programme with UNHCR has organized a photo exhibition in support of UNHCR’s LuQuLuQu Campaign.

The exhibition dubbed ‘Afroperu’ which was held at the Embassy in Accra featured photographs, paintings and artifacts from different artists including Kike Arnal, Eduardo Vasquez and Becke.

UNHCR’s LuQuLuQu campaign promotes the values of sharing responsibility for one another, and sharing resources, in support of the people forced to flee their homes because of violence, conflict or persecution in Africa. The LuQuLuQu campaign is a borderless movement seeking to redefine the narrative of the African refugee. It also calls upon individuals, companies and foundations in Africa to invest in Africa’s forcibly displaced by supporting education, vocational and livelihood opportunities.

In a related development, the Embassy also presented educational materials including text books and specially branded notebooks designed by a Ghanaian artist Becke and Heroinas Bastidas to the children at Egyeikrom Camp in addition to some toiletries. The design of the exercise books features the Afro-Peruvian heroine, Micaela Bastidas, who was one of the most important women during the process of Peru’s independence. Mr. Miguel A. Ramirez Moscoso, the Charge d’Affaires a.i of the Embassy of Peru in Ghana, said the responsibility of UNHCR in protecting and assisting people forced to flee is a huge task which demands the support from all adding that one refugee without hope is one too many. He said the Embassy was proud to be associated with UNHCR and to support in the area of education which is critical. “Supporting education is like planting a seed. It needs constant nurturing to grow beautifully” he noted.

Ghanaian artist and storyteller, Delali Avemega (artist name Becke) who authored some of the story books presented to the children at Egyeikrom, had a reading session with the children. He read the story of Lulu, which according to him resonates with the refugee children and is aimed at empowering them to know that they can make it in life regardless of their circumstance.

The two activities also formed part of the Embassy’s Celebration of their Afro-Peruvian month

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